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Kumar Darsh is a 17 year old student at Farmington High School in Farmington, Connecticut USA. Kumar was born and lives with an extremely rare and severe bleeding disorder which threatened his life when he was 8 months old. Given 30 minutes to live, surviving multiple brain hemorrhages, and living on monthly infusions, Kumar has not only conquered his own adversity, but lives with a passion to help other children fight social and medical hardships.

Kumar started creating impact in his community from a very young age. Since age 6, he has been sponsoring the education of two girls in Vrindavan, India by raising funds on his birthdays. These girls are now studying to become doctors. Within his local community, he engages in community events such as the Walk Against Hunger. He has also raised funds for the hospital which saved his life and to fight heart diseases in young children. He was honored and invited to throw the ceremonial first pitch for a professional baseball game for being the highest fundraiser in the state of Connecticut to combat heart disease.

At age 12, Kumar co-founded an organization “Power of Peace” with a mission to promote peace through community service and inspiring children around the world to become socially responsible as early as they can. Power of Peace became a 501(c)(3) organization in 2016, and has been serving underprivileged children with the motto "For the Kids, By the Kids". PoP aims to eradicate hunger, provide better living conditions, and supply educational resources to underprivileged children. In the past six years, Power of Peace has raised over $130,000 towards their cause.

They have adopted an orphanage in Bangalore India, and have renovated its facilities and provided educational resources for the nearly 100 boys living there. They have also provided 25,000 meals for the homeless in their local area of Hartford CT. In addition to these, POP supports the local children hospital (Connecticut Children’s Medical Center - the hospital which saved his life) and the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, a unique summer camp for children who suffer from severe and rare medical conditions. Kumar has attended this camp in the past and he is giving back to that community.

Besides community service, Kumar is heavily involved in academics, tennis and debate. He has captained his middle school team to top 10 in the United States in the Science Bowl competition. Kumar has also been the CT state debate champion in tenth grade and plays varsity tennis for his high school. Kumar aspires to pursue a profession where he can help human health and desires to major in biomedical engineering.