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Inspiration – His Excellency Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam the former President of India: Wings of fire. What he campaigned for.The world wants to try to make you like everyone else. And every day our family, society, community, our country wants us and has in most parts been responsible for the herd mentality which we so often talk about.His journey across the nation, across the world, the fire in his speeches, the nobility in his efforts, we read about him, idolize him, but in my opinion we haven't emulated him like we do other "reel“ life heroes.
Dr. APJ ABDUL KALAM’s dream is being realized with Agni’s Ignite!!We at Ignite believe that he may have left us but the revolution he started still burns on the minds of India’s young.

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Agni College of Technology has established "Agni's Centre for Research and Development", to provide high-quality research training for students, with a view to produce a new generation.


To become a pioneering 'Centre of Excellence' for Research, Innovation, Consultancy and Training in multidisciplinary areas of National/Global Importance.


To provide high-quality research training for students with a view to produce a new generation of young innovative professionals, to meet the emerging needs of industries and society.

Upcoming Events

SDG state level conference in July 2017

Conference on United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals

International youth skill development submit
in november - 2017

1st ever Science reality TV show - Season 2.

Networking session with mentors

Get industry insights, knowledge treat from various industry veterans.



Electronic Load Bank, Solar Charge Controller, Bluetooth based Smart Switch, Development of Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Police Patrol LED controller...


Development of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEM) based on Liquid fuels, Automatic Switching control using GSM, Smart Irrigation...


It is proposed to create research facility & carryout R & D in the following areas of Energy Conversion, Energy Storage - Electricity & Thermal energy storage...